The first story...

4-T belonged in the era of old-fashioned analogue TV sets with their cathode ray tubes and valves - hence some of the references in this, his first adventure. This version of the story was originally offered as a partly-interactive disk for the BBC microcomputer (but this video is not interactive, sorry)


...and the longest

This was almost the last - and certainly the longest - of 4-T's adventures, in which he and sidekick Wiggly help an absent-minded Wrabbit recover an ancient object with magical powers. This version has been reconstructed without the original weekly "the story so far" titles, although the "more next week"-type trails remain

A Christmas tale

This is an MP4 video version of the story which appeared on Channel 4 teletext, featuring evil Grommets (sorry, Wallace and Grommet, but I used the name first) who are trying to sabotage Christmas. 4-T and his friends Wiggly, Victor, Victoria, and Cindy the spider sort them out

Crazy Crocks

4-T is resting after an arduous adventure only to be faced with a revolution in his own kitchen...


An adventure in which the ever-resourceful Victor helps 4-T resolve a fiery feud between a dragon and a witch

Time Trap

Perhaps appropriately, part one of this story has been lost in time, so we start with episode two... 4-T has discovered that images of his friend Vince the Valve have vanished from his photo album...

The Inventor

4-T comes to the aid of an eccentric inventor imprisoned by an evil gang of Terrordactyls (Ignore the "more next week" trails from the original files)


A visit to a gallery uncovers a conspiracy to deprive the world of red paint. 4-T investigates.


Mayhem in the snow, involving industrial action by snowmen, a pair of ugly sisters, a bear, a monster, and more...

Twin Trouble

4-T gets involved in a gangland chase when Wiggly's twin nephew and niece make mischief


4-T finds himself imprisoned by a giant who wants him for a pet

On the Road

A holiday journey turns into a nightmare involving a robbery attempt, a broken bridge, seizure by aliens and more...

Menace to Mars

When 4-T and friends mount a rescue mission to Mars they run foul of the villainous Boxman and his slave Cylinders

Wiggly's Quest

In which 4-T has gone missing. Some of the story has gone missing too, but a number of episodes have been recovered from VHS, thanks to Jason Robertson and Thomas Pitt, and a linking narration has been added. And it's thanks to Jason that we now know how the story ends!

Battle of the Bugs

There are familiar ingredients in this story - an evil mastermind and his villainous henchmen - but this time 4-T and Wiggly set out to thwart a plot to infect the world's computer systems. Sadly, the story is incomplete - can any former 4-T followers out there remember how it ends? (This version, in MP4 video format, includes the original story-so-far pages)